Archdiocese of St. Paul & Minneapolis
Ecumenical Prayer Service
Rev. Denise Walker – speaker
January 22, 2004

The Joseph Generation

I would like to first give honor to our Heavenly Father, His precious Son Jesus, and to His Holy Spirit, that we might give Him glory and lift Him up drawing all men, women and children to Him. And I want thank the Most Reverend Archbishop Flynn for allowing me to come and speak this morning, and to Sharon Soderlund and her staff of the Respect Life Office. It is truly a blessing to be here, and my husband Brian, who could not be with us this morning, sends his heart-felt greetings and prayers.

Although there are people of all ages present, I would like to address my remarks to the young people - the church of today – and especially the young men. Now ladies, I just need you to eavesdrop here for a moment because what I am going to talk about applies to you too.

I want to talk about The Joseph Generation.

Throughout my adolescent and college years and into young adulthood I was my own idol and I worshipped me. All I cared about was I, I, and Me, Me. I lead a self-centered life of promiscuity and death. Starting at age 15 and by the time I graduated from college, I had had 49 sexual partners, one STD, and became a 3-time serial murderer by aborting 3 babies. My life finally turned around at age 25, when Jesus Christ became the Lord and Master of my life.

My generation lived for themselves and 42 million aborted babies were the result. My generation failed women, men, children & families. We were not this Joseph Generation. We see it in those we minister to; they are bleeding and their lives destroyed because of abortion.

But you have the greatest opportunity to change our nation and our world. Polls show that young people are increasingly more pro-life than their parents are because they know they could have been aborted and are angry about the loss of their brothers and sisters. Hallelujah!! The tide is finally turning. But until the Joseph Generation rises up and lives for God, we will still not see the end of abortion, legal or illegal in our nation. What was missing in my generation? And what is needed now?

What is needed now my friends is The Joseph Generation – a generation who will not live for themselves or their lusts and desires, but live for Him and be His ambassadors. Many of you are already members of this generation and are winning the war on unwanted pregnancies and abortion and we thank God for you! But some of you are not and we plead with you to hear these words. God is looking for a generation of men and women, especially men - real men - who will be the honorable protectors, and providers of women, children, and the family that He created them to be. Guys, it takes a courageous man to live for Jesus and to live a holy life! In a day and age when men are portrayed in our media as dishonorable, stupid, unreliable, undependable, non-sensical, out of control and not worthy of respect, God is calling for a Joseph Generation to rise up, re-claim, defend, protect and provide for the family! We are desperate for the men to set the stage and lead the way out of this mess called abortion. Are you this generation, or shall we wait for another?

God is looking for a whole lot of REAL men like Joseph in the Old Testament. Joseph lived his life such that everything he did honored and pleased God and not himself. When Potipher’s beautiful wife tried to seduce him, and he had the opportunity to have sex with her without anyone knowing, he instead chose to live and obey God’s commandment by fleeing the temptation. He chose to do the right thing before the eyes of God and Potipher’s wife. And he took the heat for it and suffered the consequences. If a girl or a woman presented herself for sex, would you be a man of integrity and an ambassador for Christ like Joseph? Would you be willing to do what is right when no one except you, her and God is looking? Because the truth of the matter, my friends, is that if you don’t have sex with her, she can’t get pregnant. No pregnancy, no abortion.

God is looking for The Joseph Generation.

God is looking for you!

God wants a whole lot of REAL men like Joseph in the New Testament who will go above and beyond what the law requires in order to save a woman and her child. You know the story. Mary was pregnant, but not by him. Yet despite his disappointment, he went higher and showed Mary agape love. He unselfishly gave all of himself - married her and covered the sin everyone believed she had committed. He provided a nurturing home for our Savior. If your girlfriend got pregnant by another man, would you be like Joseph? Or if you got your girlfriend pregnant, would you do the honorable thing like Joseph did to protect and provide for her and your child and the family you have created? Millions of women are being abandoned and betrayed by the boyfriend or husband. Sadly, the overwhelming majority of these women choose to abort.

Are you an ambassador for God or an ambassador for yourself?

God is looking for The Joseph Generation.

God is looking for you.

He wants a whole nation of Joseph’s. He is calling for those who are willing to lay down their lives, and do the right thing in His eyes so that abortion can truly end in our nation. God is looking for real men, who will take back what the enemy has stolen. We must become radical about living a holy life free of sexual sin. God wants to heal our land, and HE WILL if we His people seek His face, turn from our wicked ways, and be ambassadors for Christ and not for ourselves. The Joseph Generation – THE GENERATION THAT CAN CHANGE THE COURSE OF OUR COUNTRY - My prayer is that this generation will RISE UP and rally the people to our cause by modeling in their lives what they preach.

God is looking for The Joseph Generation.

For the sake of pre-born babies, my friends, God is looking for you!

© Everlasting Light Ministries 2004