A Safe Place to Heal After Abortion

Next group begins Wednesday, April 8, 2009, from 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM. Free childcare. Free will offering.

Location: To provide a safe environment, this information is reserved for participants only.

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We all believed that abortion would somehow solve our problems. You or someone you know probably did too. But instead, abortion left you with a broken heart, a void in your soul, or a cloud that hangs over your life and your relationships. You may feel alone or trapped, with no one or no where to turn for help.

We know that kind of silent suffering.
There is a way out. There is HOPE! There is HEALING! There is RESTORATION!
We are here to help.

For I know the plans that I have for you..to give you a future and a hope
Jeremiah 29:11

Rick in Mercy Ministry Team

What is Rich in Mercy?
Rich in Mercy is a safe place to heal and reclaim your life and destiny after abortion. You can be completely healed and made whole through the love, mercy and grace of Jesus Christ! We know this because He healed us. What He abundantly gave to us, He offers to you.

Who is it for and who can come?
Rich in Mercy is for fathers, mothers, grandparents, siblings or other family members of an aborted child, teens, or for those who helped or counseled someone to obtain an abortion, including abortion clinic staff. We have separate groups for men and women.

I know I have been forgiven - isn't that enough?
Receiving forgiveness is an essential part for healing and wholeness and we emphasize it in our meetings. However, many people mistakenly confuse forgiveness as being equivalent to healing. Yes, God forgives us, but healing is a process. For the post-abortive person, the process has been short-circuited or non-existent, leaving him or her in shame and in pain (see Post Abortion Trauma for more insight into this)

What should I expect?
Our compassionate and understanding ministry team will be there to help you walk the road toward abundant life and peace. Each week you will hear the Word of life that will heal your wounded heart.

When do you meet?
Rich in Mercy is an 8-week program that currently meets in the evenings usually from 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM at various sites in the Twin Cities area. As the need arises we will have day sessions and weekend retreats. If you do not live in the Twin Cities but would like to have Rich in Mercy available in your area, please contact us.

What should I bring?
A Bible, a pen, an open heart, and a willingness to receive everything that Jesus Christ has for you. Everything else is provided.

How much does it cost?
All meetings are free will offering.

How do I register?
Call us (763-560-8383), email us, write, or fill out the form below. We will let you know when and where the next group will meet.

All inquiries to Everlasting Light Ministries are strictly confidential. Everlasting Light Ministries has never, nor will we ever, share or sell any information you give us with, or to anyone, unless you inform us in writing and direct us to do the contrary.

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Rich in Mercy is an outreach of Everlasting Light Ministries founded by Rev. Brian and Rev. Denise Walker in 1999. Denise is a certified post-abortion healing facilitator through P.A.T.H. Ministries and holds ministerial credentials with International Ministerial Fellowship.

Brian and Denise desire to share the hope, forgiveness, and mercy of Jesus Christ, which they received, with anyone who has lost children through about abortion. Jesus Christ healed and restored their fractured, tortured lives and marriage from the devastation of three abortions.