The Stephan Project/Quilt of the Unborn Child

The Quilt of the Unborn Child is a memorial quilt dedicated to expressing love and dignity for the millions of children who died by abortion. The quilt will consist of 24-inch squares, with each square honoring one child. The squares will be assembled into quilt panels that will be displayed in public locations around the country, and overseas, as well.

The quilt is a way for anyone who has been touched by abortion to express what is deep in their hearts towards these departed loved ones. A homemade quilt square is a comforting and beautiful way to tangibly express those feelings. It gives us a way to say: " I'm sorry"; or "I love you"; or "I wish you were here". For many, the quilt offers the permission to grieve once denied, and a gateway to healing. For others, they may find the closure they seek to begin a new life.

Our goal is to have one square for every child that has died. We welcome all who wish to participate in this act of remembrance:


“Making a quilt square allowed me to forgive an old friend who had aborted her child in college. There was something about looking to the Bible for guidance and healing, about going to the material store and choosing just the right pattern, and finally putting the square together and seeing it as a finished whole that made me whole too.

“Thank you for this wonderful project.”


How can you get involved?

All inquiries to Everlasting Light Ministries are strictly confidential. Everlasting Light Ministries has never, nor will we ever, share or sell any information you give us with, or to anyone, unless you inform us in writing and direct us to do the contrary.

You can participate by doing any of the following:

I will make a 24" x 24" quilt square in honor of a child.
I want to volunteer to sew quilt panels, answer phones and staff events, etc.
I would like to receive your newsletter by e-mail
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Stephan is only one of the millions of aborted children. He is the aborted child of the Project's founders and he represents all of the named, and unnamed aborted children.